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Welcometo the Fulmer Rise Stud, breeders of Pure Bred Lipizzaners.....

We are the fortunate keepers of the beautiful and exceptional ‘classically bred’ Lipizzaner stallion, 226 Favory Naussica, known as ‘Maestro’.

‘Maestro’ was born on May 8th, 2000 in idyllic Provence in the south of France. The stud farm of Les Launes owned by the Philip Brothers at La Roque d’Anthéron is on limestone country, where clear blue skies over fields of olive trees and sunflowers behind long avenues of plain trees, combine perfectly with the perfumes of lavender and rosemary to create a Van Gogh palette exciting all the senses. The burble of fast running rivers and of canals built by the Romans remind us that this has been a rich and productive land for longer than we can imagine.

We sifted as carefully as we could through a worldwide marketplace of Lipizzaner stallions and colts to finally choose the two year old ‘Maestro’ after viewing him for about fifteen minutes! He is classical, correct, outstanding ….. many superlatives! He has excellent classical movement, with three very good paces. He is straight, balanced and has natural rhythm. We have not been disappointed by our choice- at breeding Accreditation/Classification (see downloadable documents), he was given top marks, including an extraordinary ten out of ten for his hind legs! He has matured beautifully; he is progressing most successfully in open dressage competition and we approach the next stud season with confidence and pleasure as his foals to date have been strongly stamped with his qualities.

One of the main attractions to this stallion is his sweet and affectionate nature, and that he is genuinely FUN to work with! He is a pleasure to be around. He raises emotions because of his beauty, he receives comments from dressage judges on his dressage test results sheets like:

“Wow! What a forward and free moving horse’
"Lovely sweet horse with lovely established rhythm and paces"
"Horse very willing to please you" and from a high profile horseman in Brisbane
‘He is the most beautiful Lipizzaner I have ever seen’ 
We believe he will have positive impact on the quality of Lipizzaners for breeders worldwide.
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The Pocket, NSW
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