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The Quest

The Quest was written originally to tell the story of finding Maestro. You can read that story by clicking here

The Quest of the Fulmer Rise Stud in 2011 continues to aim to improve the quality and quantity of examples of the Lipizzaner breed in Australasia.

257 Favory Pallavicina  
By 226 Favory Naussica (imp) from 227 Pluto XXIX-23 (imp)

In 2007, the first colt foal born in Australia to the Stud’s imported mare 227 Pluto XXIX-23 arrived. He was born at Torryburn Arabian Stud at Glen Innes as the principal of the Fulmer Rise Stud was overseas at the time.The colt was named 257 Favory Pallavicina, and was bought at age 17 days from photographs by Simmone Kalanj of Annwn Park Stud (www.annwnpark.com.au) as a future stud stallion. This colt has flourished and developed into a superb quality horse, and has been shown most successfully by his owner, Simmone.Recently the colt caught the eye of one of the most senior riders at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, who has used him to illustrate the Lipizzaner breed in Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipizzaner. We are naturally very proud of  257 Favory Pallavicina, and congratulate Simmone Kalanj of Annwn Park Stud on her success with him. We wish her all success in the future, using ‘Merlin’ both as a stud stallion and as a competition horse.

Theadorosta-54 Champion Lipizzaner at classification,

The Netherlands September 2009


In 2008, the Fulmer Rise Stud’ owner Georgina Beard, leased one of Europe’s highest quality elite breeding Lipizzaner mares 58 Theoda from Lida Postma, of The Netherlands. ‘Oda’ was bred by Piber.
As Australasia is in need of a Maestoso stallion, we selected the finest quality Maestoso stallion’s semen that we could find in case we ended up with a colt – we chose Maestoso X Mahonia, a well known stallions bred at Topol’cianky, State Stud of Slovakia – the director there has said that he was one of the best stallion they had had in the past fifty years. M. Mahonia did stud duties there, also at Djakovo (Croatia) and Serbia.

In 1992 he went to private breeders in Germany, who fortunately froze his semen.
We are, though, most keen for an increase of numbers of females for breeding, so were even more excited when a really lovely filly was born on April 7, 2009. We called her Theadorosta as that is the name of her family line in hopes she may become the head of a Theadorosta dynasty in Australasia.
If ‘Thea’ comes to Australia, she will be brought in foal. This will compliment the Fulmer Rise Stud’s other current imports, 226 Favory Naussica (‘Maestro’), the mare 227 Pluto XXIX-23 (a Piber X Szilvasvarad mare) and her daughter imported in dam, 234 Pomona.

On September 5, 2009, Thea was put forward for classification/accreditation in the Netherlands. To our great joy, she was awarded Champion Lipizzaner exhibit for The Netherlands. It was most unusual that a foal would be made champion over mature horses, and there were stallions, mares and horses under saddle and in harness, but the judges were excited by Thea.

 We are deeply grateful to Alida Postma for her generous assistance in this worthwhile project.

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