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Lipizzaner Partbreds / Crossbreeding 226 Favory Naussica (Maestro)

As well as breeding purebred Lipizzaners, we are breeding Favory Naussica to mares of other breeds, including Andalusian, Warmblood, Arabian Warmblood, Anglo Arabian, Thoroughbred and Cleveland Bay.

All part bred foals have the potential to be registered with the internationally recognised Lipizzaner Association Australasia, in their Part Bred Register. See www.lipizzaneraustralia.org

We welcome enquiries for stud service for live cover. Download a booking form and stud contract from this site. See downloads.

For chilled or frozen semen special conditions apply.  Please contact the Stud. Ask us for your complimentary DVD today!

10 Fulmer Rise Eclipse,( 75% Lip)

from 100 Sandgate Leila

by 201 Pluto Linda.

Out competing in dressage and doing a super job promoting the Breed. Owned and trained by Danielle Mossman, WA.


fulmer rise

baguette french bred
Fulmer Rise Gambol, bred by Georgina Beard, The Fulmer Rise Stud, from Nima Dakhil ( Lip X TB) by Mamiro (Imp) Holsteiner. Currently winning hack and dressage competitions in Western Australia, owned by Trish McCullough and ridden by Jasmine Ellison.

Fulmer Rise Baguette from Sandgate Leila. Three quarter Lipizzaner. Bred by Georgina Beard, The Fulmer Rise Stud, owned by Veronica Garrett, “Holistequine”, NSW.

Fulmer Rise Favorita from Bubbles, ASB.

Bred by Georgina Beard, The Fulmer Rise Stud,

owned by Jenny Hapanagawa , “Ringmaster Rugs”, NSW.


Fulmer Rise Andiamo! From Meridien II (Swedish Warmblood, Vancouver / Romedio).

Born 2007.

Bred by Georgina Beard, The Fulmer Rise Stud.

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