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For Sale - Pure / Partbred Lipizzaners and Performance Horses

The following Lipizzaners have been SOLD but we have others for sale. For information contact Georgina Beard at ghbeard@me.com


MONTENEGRA ~ Collectors Item!! ~

What a lovely filly this is! Her stable name has evolved into Freya and she is as pretty as her name.
Freya is by 226 Favory Naussica (imp) who needs no further introduction. Freya is from our top quality mare 200 Marta, a big beautiful moving mare that is difficult to fault. Marta's breeding provides a rare cross of the very best of our imported blood, being by  29 Pluto Neapolitano III (by the Piber stallion Pluto Plutona) from 47 Mara whose sire was the Piber imported stallion Siglavy Flora. The imported dams too were the best mares that came into the country in the 1970's, Neapolitana XIX-11 and 528 Monteaura 111.  



245 Ischia
Date of Birth: October 3rd, 2005
Height: 14.2HH

Registration papers, DNA, Microchipped, EI
Sire: 226 Favory Naussica
Dam: 171 Leipzig, one of the highest rated mares in Australasia at Accreditation

Ischia is a maiden mare and was purchased as a foal by the current owner for dressage, then breeding. She was trained to saddle at the end of 2009 at 4 years of age and then taken out for general riding.

Ischia has elevation plus movement and is very kind, trainable and intelligent. She is well mannered and good to catch, barefoot trim, work and float.


282 Favory Liria II

Purebred Lipizzaner Gelding

Sire: 226 Favory Naussica (imp, France, all ‘classical’ lines)
Dam: Liria (Mare family line 4sz Mesöhegyesi)
Date of Birth: 23 Nov 2009 (age in photo 12 months)

This is possibly the nicest Lipizzaner gelding available anywhere in Australasia.
“Luciano” will suit the most discerning buyer of a competition horse.
A promising horse of rare quality- highly recommended.



 248 Sienna (Bred by Julie Brown)

Lipizzaner Mare, Registered
Sire: 226 Favory Naussica (imp, France, all ‘classical’ lines)
Dam: 209 Sydney (Mare family line Stornella)
Date of Birth: 06 September 2006 (Four plus years)

Sienna was purchased as a registered yearling by the Barnowicz of Edelweiss Ranch to add to their breeding herd. Sadly circumstances have changed and all horses must be sold.
Sienna is quiet, broken and going. A petite mare of around 15 hands with ability to take on almost any discipline from pony club to stock work to cutting to endurance to jumping – and all inbetween!. Very outstanding movement and balance



 255 Stella

Purebred Lipizzaner Filly, Registered
Sire: 226 Favory Naussica (imp, France, all ‘classical’ lines)
Dam: 163 Skye (Mare family line Stornella)
Date of Birth: 04November 2007 (three years)

Stella is a tall, elegant and nice moving mare with a sweet temperament. She has been well handled, broken in and is ready to go on with. She should do well as a competition horse in a number of disciplines, and will be a useful broodmare.



Name: 269 Favory Liria

Purebred Lipizzaner Gelding, Registered
Sire: 226 Favory Naussica (imp, France, all ‘classical’ lines)
Dam: 212 Liria (Mare family line 4sz Mesöhegyesi)
Date of Birth: November 2007 (Three Years)

"Leopald" is a very tall, leggy quiet gentlemen that shows his noble Hungarian heritage.Kind and tractable with lovely movement, Leo has potential to be an outstanding dressage or harness horse, or pony clubber/allrounder. Estimated height at maturity 15.2, with big movement.

Broken to Saddle



Fulmer Rise Andiamo!

Registered Part Bred Lipizzaner born 2007. Currently a buckskin/light bay.
By 226 Favory Naussica (Lipizzaner, imported)
From Meridien II (AWHA)  by Swedish Warmblood, Vancouver II (imp)
from Loth Lorien by Romedio II  (imp)

This extremely beautiful  and sweet natured gelding will make a faithful and trustworthy mount for a rider wishing to pursue almost any discipline.  Very well handled, Parelli style.
We call him 'Moët (after the champagne!), and he has a  temperament that one dreams of in a horse:  trainable, bold, sweet, sensitble, thinking. If he continues to be correctly handled, he will remain trusting and particularly quiet.

With his pedigree, do we need to add that he has lovely movement? He is elegant with movement to burn! Moët has been growing, you can see he is rump high at present… currently 16 hands, estimated height at maturity 16.2hh and this is a super horse. We believe this horse will pass any Vet check. Registered.



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